Tart Cherry Adrenal Tonic

Are you experiencing adrenal fatigue? It is a term commonly used in holistic circles and is a way of describing a person who, due to chronic emotional or physical stress, is suffering from fatigue, a weak immune system, food cravings, the inability to handle stress, and other challenging symptoms. Some amazing nutrients used to correct this imbalance and nourish the adrenals are vitamin C, potassium, and sodium. I love this Tart Cherry Adrenal Tonic and I hope you do too!


Mix the ingredients together and drink twice a day when you need a pick-me-up. This combination is fantastic for those experiencing insomnia from adrenal fatigue, as the tart cherry juice contains significant quantities of melatonin.

No time or energy to make this Tart Cherry Adrenal Tonic? Seeking Health has created one that you can add to fresh orange juice. They are also working on a version that can simply be added to water!