Nutrition Consulting

4-Session Package (Digestion, Women’s Health, Autoimmune)

What we do together depends entirely upon your health concerns and needs. Your initial consultation will consist of a 90 minute comprehensive intake where we will talk about the reason for which you are seeing me as well as your health history, sleeping habits, digestion, energy level, current food intake, and symptoms you are experiencing. I will address your health concerns, explore the roots of any challenges, assess your current daily diet, identify deficiencies, order labs if needed, and create realistic, meaningful, qualitative goals to initiate lasting change. I will then design a dietary and lifestyle program to meet your unique needs. Content may include dietary and supplement recommendations, recipes, shopping lists, meal and snack ideas, and exercise and lifestyle practices to address your individual biochemical needs.

4-Session Package Includes:
(1) 90-minute initial consultation
(3) 45-minute follow-up sessions
Personalized protocol 
Message support between scheduled sessions
Review of food journals
Lab analysis
Supplements at 35% off retail

Payment plan:
Month 1 – $599
Month 2 – $599

Advanced Testing

I am pleased to offer advanced testing to my clients who wish to have a greater understanding of what is going on with their health. These results allow me to personalize treatment plans even further and see results much faster. I offer:

  • GI MAP stool testing
  • Micronutrient Panel
  • SIBO Breath Test (Hydrogen, Methane, Hydrogen Sulfide)
  • Food Sensitivity (IgG) plus Candida testing
  • DUTCH hormone testing
  • Organic Acid Test (OAT)
  • and more!

I am now offering functional lab testing with a 50 minute review session as an a la carte service! Learn more about this HERE.

Ongoing Follow-Up Sessions

Reaching your goal of optimal health and vitality is a daily process. Additional sessions keep you focused and help you stay on track. With consistency and persistence, you will begin to actualize the benefits of eating real, whole, nourishing foods in combination with lifestyle changes to encourage balance and well-being. Follow-up sessions typically last 45 minutes. We will discuss how you’ve been feeling since your previous session, go over your food journal together, and address any improvements, changes, questions, or concerns. I will adjust and provide additions to your treatment plan and provide any additional educational materials necessary.

Remote Nutrition Consultations

All my services are currently being offered virtually. Depending on your preference of communication medium, I will either call you at the telephone number of your choice or connect with you by video through Practice Better at the time of your scheduled consultation. Practice Better is a secure, cloud-based client management platform which allows us to communicate virtually.

At the end of our session, I will e-mail you a treatment plan of personalized recommendations and all relevant handouts. In addition to our nutrition consultations, I will further support you by sending blog and newsletter updates that may include new recipes, articles, meal ideas, and exercise suggestions.

Get Your 15 Minute Nutrition Consultation

If you would like to learn more about nutrition consulting and what we can accomplish together, or to discover which program is right for you, please contact me for a complimentary fifteen-minute consultation.

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