• Dry Farms Wine
  • Red wine from Italy or France
  • Skip the mixers and fruit juices
  • Add lime or lemon for some vitamin C and to help balance your blood sugar
  • Distilled liquors like vodka, brandy, rum, tequila, or whisky
  • Choose soda water over tonic water
  • Gluten-free alcohol if needed:
  • http://www.glutenfreesurvivalguide.org/gluten-free-diet-guide/gluten-free-alcohol/
  • http://urbantastebud.com/gluten-free-alcohol-list/
  • https://glutagen.com/gf-alcohol-list/
  • Avoid beer unless it is specifically brewed to be gluten-free
  • Rum, tequila, and potato vodka are gluten-free
  • Whiskey and bourbon are not universally accepted as gluten-free, so proceed with caution
  • Wine is typically gluten-free and safe to drink
  • Most ciders are gluten-free and a great option for casual social drinking

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