How to Perform Basic EFT Tapping

Name the specific emotion you want to target with EFT. It is best to focus on only one issue at a time. For example, anxiety.

Come up with an empowering and self-affirming phrase. The basic structure of positive affirmations is “Even though I feel X (fill in the problem or emotion you’re dealing with), I deeply and completely accept myself.” For example, “Even though I feel this anxiety, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

During a tapping sequence, you will tap your fingertips over nine key meridian points. Use both your middle and index finger, and apply constant firm taps. Keep speaking out loud while you’re tapping, repeating positive phrases to keep your attention focused.

EFT Tapping Points

You will tap each of the below points 5-7 times
Karate chop point
Top of the eyebrows
Side of the eyes
Under the eyes
Under the nose
Under the chin
Under the collarbone
Under the arm
Top of the head

Repeat the process with the same or a new affirmation phrase.

Keep tapping through the sequence until you feel less or no more anxiety. Then, I like to go through the sequence again but with true positive feelings. For example, “I have faith in my ability to change.”

Please see this video for a wonderful demonstration.