Nutrition for Autoimmune Wellness

Nutrition for Autoimmune Wellness is a nutrition and lifestyle program perfect for those suffering from autoimmune diseases, such as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Autoimmune Hepatitis, and Celiac Disease.

Nutrition for Autoimmune Wellness Benefits

  • Reduction in pain and inflammation
  • Improved digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Increased energy and focus
  • Improved mood and emotional balance
  • Reduction in rashes and hair loss

How can I improve my digestion and overall wellness?
What do I do about my constant fatigue?
How do I reduce inflammation, pain, hair loss, and rashes?

Getting diagnosed with an autoimmune condition can be very stressful and overwhelming. Often, major lifestyle changes are necessary to manage the disease. Intestinal healing, inflammation reduction, and proper nutrients can make a large impact on the many symptoms that go hand in hand with autoimmune conditions. Nutrition for autoimmune wellness, personalized for you, is the key to feeling better. I will provide a personalized protocol which includes food, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

When I work with you, you will get:

  • Unlimited email support
  • Clinical knowledge and experience looking at your full health picture (stress, sleep, activity)
  • Assessment of stress management to support your gut-brain axis
  • 35% discount off retail prices for supplements
  • Access to my private Client Portal, which includes Recipes (including many for my favorite kitchen tool), Shopping Lists, Stress Management Tools, Sleep Resources, information about my favorite Products, and more
  • Peace of mind that you have a nutrition plan tailored for you
“I contacted Stacy when I was having horrible digestive issues like gas, bloating and chronic constipation. Through her and her testing suggestions, I discovered I have Celiac disease as well as low stomach acid. She guided me throughout the stressful process with many doctors, provided me with tons of information on gluten-free eating and cross-contamination, and helped me correct many nutrient deficiencies. Having Celiac is hard, and I still haven’t fully wrapped my head around it, but Stacy’s support has been invaluable.”

Anya T.
“I was getting absolutely no help from my primary care doctor and decided I needed to find someone that truly cared to help me. When I met Stacy I was battling low energy, brain fog, high stress, etc. She put together an extensive treatment plan and recommended testing which revealed my Hashimoto’s diagnosis. Stacy is a wealth of education/information on Hashimoto’s and how all systems are connected. She gave me the tools and knowledge that helped improve my health. I am so thankful I found Stacy.”

Julie P.
Nutrition for Digestive Wellness

Nutrition for Autoimmune Wellness Packages

What we do together depends entirely upon your health concerns and needs. Your initial consultation will consist of a 90 minute comprehensive intake where we will talk about the reason for which you are seeing me as well as your health history, sleeping habits, digestion, energy level, current food intake, and symptoms you are experiencing. I will address your health concerns, explore the roots of any challenges, assess your current daily diet, identify deficiencies, and create realistic, meaningful, qualitative goals to initiate lasting change. I will then design a dietary and lifestyle program to meet your unique needs. Content may include dietary and supplement recommendations, recipes, shopping lists, meal and snack ideas, and exercise and lifestyle practices to address your individual biochemical needs.

Get Your 15 Minute Nutrition Consultation

If you would like to learn more about me, what we can accomplish together, or which program is right for you, please contact me for a complimentary fifteen-minute consultation.

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