Affiliate Disclosure Policy

FTC guidelines require the disclosure of affiliate relationships that result in the generation of revenue. Therefore, the below is the affiliate disclosure policy, as well as a report of the affiliate relationships that are a source of potential revenue for Vital Nutrition Services.

When you purchase an item that is linked in a recipe or other blog post on Vital Nutrition Services by clicking a link to the vendors listed below, Vital Nutrition Services may receive a small commission. This does not result in an increase of the sales price of that product to you. When you purchase or visit external links to affiliate programs, you support the continued growth of Vital Nutrition Services, and my ability to continue bringing you content, recipes, and practical tips to improve your health, happiness, and well-being.

I will only link to products that I use, that fit within the message of Vital Nutrition Services, and that I would whole-heartedly recommend – even if there was no affiliate relationship in place. Many readers ask where I purchase various “hard-to-find” ingredients, and other products. To assist their needs and provide answers to this commonly asked question, I provide links. Readers are encouraged to purchase any item from any vendor that best meets their needs, and not to limit themselves to the links provided on this website herein.

The following companies and Vital Nutrition Services are engaged in affiliate relationships:

  • AnnMarie Cosmetics
  • Amazon
  • ButcherBox
  • Coconut Oil Creations
  • Dry Farm Wines
  • FullScript
  • GoodEggs
  • MuTu
  • RealPlans
  • That Clean Life
  • Thrive Market
  • Vital Choice
  • Vital Proteins
  • YogaDownload

Many thanks to those readers that choose to support this site by using the provided affiliate links!